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Email Statuses explained

Not verified – no action has been taken to search/verify the email address. Verified | n% – usually we list business email addresses with 100% accuracy. In rare cases you might see 70% accuracy indicator, meaning that the email address has passed most of the verification steps but not all. Does not exist – invalid

Upload name, last name and company URL to find email and enrich lists

You can use ZeroIn’s Light CRM and the Import function to import a list of First names Last names Website domains ( To find business emails for the contacts imported. Alongside finding business emails, ZeroIn will automatically pull out all available data from our database on the Account level like: Company full name Company address

Credits explained

Here is all you need to know about your credits. Where can I see my credits? Once you are logged in your credits can be seen in the User Portal, on the left-hand side just below your Account name. Credits   What does each credit bar mean? Email Find – these are credits that have

Check if a single business email is still valid

To check if the business email of a specific contact is still valid, go to ZeroIn’s verify tool as explained in the video below (or read on for illustrations): Single email find/verify on ZeroIn’s Light CRM   In a Campaign page, hover over the Tools button and a Single Email verify option appears in the

Find a single business email – manual typing

Alongside using ZeroIn Extension to gather data and find business emails from Linkedin, you can also use a single email finder in the Light CRM in any of your Campaigns. Watch our video below to find out more, or read on for illustrations: Single email find/verify on ZeroIn’s Light CRM   Hover over the Tools

Export leads

You may wish to export your leads out of the User Portal, either in a specific campaign or the All leads page. To do this: Select the leads you wish to export (either click on “Select all” or tick individual leads of interest – use filters to help you find specific leads), Hover over the

Import leads lists from my CRM into ZeroIn and validate email addresses

For now, ZeroIn has an option for a manual lead lists upload from any tool that you might be using – your CRM, your marketing or sales email tool. To find out more either watch our video below, or read on for written instructions and illustrations: Upload & Verify Email lists   1. Make sure

(Un)display fields

Do you feel like your leads table contains too many or too few fields? You can choose which fields to display or export by going on the gear icon and (un)ticking the fields of (dis)interest. (Un)display fields  

Edit fields on leads in the User Portal

The information about your leads is displayed in separate fields, some of which is fully editable. Once edited (by adding, changing or removing certain data points), the changes will be saved automatically. Edit fields in User Portal

Move/Copy leads from one campaign to another

To move a single lead from one campaign to another just “grab” and drag-and-drop it into your chosen campaign appearing on the right-hand side. How to move 1 lead   How to move 1 lead select those leads, go to “Selected“, and pick either Move to… or Copy to… You will then be prompted to

Duplicates: ensuring there aren’t any in your Campaigns

Here goes a quick and easy way to make sure your data is rid of any duplicates. In any of your campaign pages, hover over the Tools button and select the Data deduplication option in the drop-down list. Data deduplication in Tools   Then choose from which of the following two options you wish the

Using Quick Filters in Your Campaigns

In each of your Campaigns, you will find a Quick Filters button. Quick filters allow you to filter based on the validity of the email addresses within the datasets as shown below. Leads with valid emails – used to see, edit, manipulate and export only leads with valid email addresses. Leads with invalid emails –

Create a new campaign from the User Portal

1. On the left-hand side of the User Portal, there is a section called Campaigns (see illustration below). Click on it to access the page dedicated to managing campaigns. How to create a new campaign from the Portal – step 1   2. Once there, enter a campaign name into the required field, followed by

Where to find all my leads?

To make it easier, we have created a separate view in the User Portal where you can access all your leads. By clicking on the All leads link located on the left-hand side of the User Portal, you can access all the leads you have gathered unsegmented by any criteria. This section contains all leads

Logging out

To log out of the User Portal, hover over the … icon located by your Username on the left-hand side of the web page, select the Log out option from the dropdown list, and you’re done! Log out

Access/Edit my profile

From the menu located on the left-hand side of the User Portal is your basic information (user name, credit available and plan). Hovering over the … icon by your user name will display a drop-down list; click on Settings to access your profile. There you can edit information such as name, password, address, or if

Introduction to our Light CRM

To get a quick overview of what our Light CRM can do for you, watch the video below: ZeroIn’s Light CRM overview