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Use LinkedIn post likes & comments as sales triggers

Want to target active LinkedIn profiles that have an interest in products or services in your sector? Go through comments and reactions to find those profiles and extract their data into your campaigns using ZeroIn (watch video below): LinkedIn post likes & comments as sales triggers

How to overcome the 100-page limit on LinkedIn people search

Frustrated with the 100-page limit on LinkedIn’s people search, meaning you cannot see more than 1000 contacts on free LinkedIn and 2500 contacts on Sales Navigator? The trick is to narrow your search down using filters. For instance: – don’t search an entire country, instead pick a city, – don’t search all company sizes, instead

Extract members’ data of a specific group on Sales Navigator

Want to extract data from members of a specific group on Sales Navigator and find their business email using ZeroIn? Check out the video below: Extract all members from a specific group on Sales Navigator  

Using technologies filter in Sales Navigator to find and extract people data

In this short video, we demonstrate how the technologies filter in Sales Navigator and ZeroIn’s data extraction capability can help you find your next clients! Technologies filter in Sales Navigator to find and extract people data

Can I use my ZeroIn account on several LinkedIn accounts?

Yes at this stage you can, meaning that in one organisation you can share your ZeroIn account so that several people may use the extension on different LinkedIn accounts. However you will also have to share the same User Portal account.

Why do I see “LinkedIn Member”?

As part of LinkedIn’s privacy settings, every user can choose who can(not) see their profile. In some instances all you will be able to see is “LinkedIn Member” with no possibility to enter their profile page. For those users you will naturally not be able to add them to your campaigns or search for their

Why can’t I find some emails?

Here are a few reasons why you may not find some business email addresses: 1. The lead is not well connected to their company on LinkedIn. Usually occurs with smaller companies, education organizations, healthcare institutions, etc. whereby a correlation between their name and company domain cannot be established. 2. The lead’s last name does not

How to use ZeroIn and not get your LinkedIn account blocked by LinkedIn

ZeroIn has the Bulk data fetch function that is intensively used by many of you. But this function needs to be used with caution, as LinkedIn does not like any automation and therefore, if detected, it can delete or block your account. Having said that, we created ZeroIn with an idea to imitate the human