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Discover verified business emails, phone numbers and company profiles in a click!


LinkedIn Profile data scraping (no emails)


Emails, phone numbers and other data in our B2B DataBase


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Email accuracy!


Works for Free and Sales Navigator LinkedIn

Create lists of laser-targeted, verified leads and sell more in less time.

ZeroIn is a business email and direct/company phone number lookup tool that helps you create, verify, and export almost 100% accurate prospect data lists, with the best pricing model on the market.

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Pay once - use forever deal ends on June 30th. Turn your Linkedin into a powerhouse, get business emails in seconds.


Robert DaCosta, Founder at Da Costa Consulting, UK

Powerful easy tool to use

I just purchased ZeroIn and used it clean up some contacts in my CRM who have not opened an email from me in 90 days. It did it quickly and now i can identify all those bad emails. It is very easy to use on LinkedIn searches – search, export, find emails and you are done.
S far, it’s easy to use and great value!


Designed to make prospecting faster

How does it work?

INSTALL THE EXTENSION: Once logged in, Install the extension to get started.

LOGIN INTO LINKEDIN: Login into your LinkedIn account. You can use multiple LinkedIn accounts for one ZeroIn account.

GET BUSINESS EMAILS: Start pulling business emails, phone numbers, and other data from our database by matching it with Linkedin people profiles.

LIGHT CRM: Save, manipulate, and edit your contacts in our Light CRM. Use the same CRM to verify or enrich your existing data using ZeroIn. You can export your data at any time.

Simple, right?


Risk-free to your LinkedIn account

Most of the tools scrape huge amounts of data from Linkedin and put your account in danger of falling into the infamous Linkedin prison (a.k.a. stopping your prospecting efforts for days or even months)

ZeroIn matches the data from our base to the Linkedin profiles, but it also uses a proprietary ten-point verification technology to validate business emails. It mimics human behaviour on LinkedIn in order to protect your account from getting blocked.


Stewart Townsend, Consultant for – Channel Strategy, UK

Love it!

Tested out the free trial…tested for one hour and then went BOOM, I have to buy this. So simple, goes to LinkedIn and it gets the users info and the business email. Yep, getting Gmail is great but it’s personal, you want to reach out to them as an employee and not necessarily trough  Linkedin. 

Love it, great, simple, works…

Boost for your outreach and sales while keeping the CRM clean

Build targeted contact lists from LinkedIn in bulk, verify business email lists and phone numbers for your sales outreach and keep the hygiene of your CRM data through the duplicate finder.

Get account data for ad targeting

Get account data for ad targeting

Find leads’ verified business emails

Find leads’ verified business emails

Ideal for SMBs and startups, with a limited budget for sales tech stacks

A limited lifetime, pay-once deal, and simple & lite features make it easy for SMBs to implement a new tool without breaking the bank.

A powerhouse for your advertising

Thanks to the easy export feature, use contact lists gathered with Zeroin to create laser-precise audience - as a result increase conversion rates and reduce CTA.

Get lead data for influencer outreach

Get lead data for influencer outreach

Eye Stars

Adam Ramli, Director Online Sales and Marekting, Hudson Valley Digital Marketing, UK

A no brainer, get on this

I got the largest deal and ZeroIn has already paid for itself. I had a client that tasked me to find contacts with specific job titles in the Healhtcare field so initially we looked at buying lists, but if you have ever bought email lists, you know it can be a crapshoot. Regardless, Zeroin works great and it will definitely make you a rock star with your clients.

The best deal on the market!

$588 annual for 2000 credits per month, no verification

$590 annual for 500 search credits per month and 1000 for verification

$990 annual for 100 credits per month


Say goodbye to monthly subscriptions. Instead, get this pay-once lifetime deal.

No subscriptions! Pay once use forever!

If you buy NOW you get

40 outbound email templates that work (eBook)



15 video tutorials - Turn your LinkedIn into sales powerhub (by Linkedin's top B2B expert)



Ultimate Guide for Selling on LinkedIn - for SMEs and Entrepreneurs (eBook)



Get the value of $2098 for FREE

30 Days money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Not fully satisfied with ZeroIn? We will refund 100% of your money (minus the bank fees) within 30 days from the day of your purchase. Email us at support@zeroin.me and we will issue a refund immediately – no questions asked.

Get this lifetime access!

Turn your Linkedin into a powerhouse, get business emails in seconds.


Bruno Persechini, Growth and Marketing Automation, SEInsights, FR

Excellent tool, great support!

The UI is great and it’s very simple to use. You will have no problem to use it within a few minutes. I had some questions and support was very responsive which is something I value a lot. If you are interested in sales outreach, i suppose you know the hidden cost of bounced emails or inaccurate data – Zeroin is a great “little” tool avoids any fake or incorrect emails. 

Make yourself a favour and don’t miss this deal. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I use ZeroIn with multiple LinkedIn accounts?

Yes, you can use one ZeroIn account with unlimited number of LinkedIn accounts. There is no direct connection between ZeroIn and LinekedIn account you are using. You can also use ONE ZeroIn account with multiple LinkedIn accounts at the same time.

Can I use Zeroin with free Linkedin or Sales Navigator?

You can use ZeroIn with both – your free LinkedIn account or Sales Navigator. We do not support other premium options at the moment. If you use ZeroIn with your free LinekdIn account, please note that LinkedIn has limitations on how many profiles you can visit per day.

Do you extract data from Linkedin?

We gather data from LinkedIn to match it with our B2B database and look for a business email. With our real-time email verification process, the data quality you get is unprecedented.

Does ZeroIn gives business or private emails?

We only have business emails in our B2B database matched to a specific person within a specific company. No private emails are provided.

How accurate is Zeroin?

We’ve created a 10-step, real data verification algorithm. Our 200 million companies and contacts database is updated and cleaned regularly as we have our own data-renewal system that runs an autopilot every 3 months. We do NOT buy any third-party data and are all, first-hand data – meaning every piece of data we match between Linkedin and our databases exist in that very moment.

Is there any support available?

Yes, both through the chat on our website zeroin.me and through support@zeroin.me. You could also use our Help Center to try and find a solution before reaching out.

What can I use credits for?

There are 2 types of ZeroIn credits – the ones for verification and the ones for searching contact data. You can use them to verify your existing email lists, clean up your CRM, or find new prospects.

All unused credits are rolling into the next month for a maximum of 60 days.


What happens if I reach my monthly (lifetime) plan limits?

You can upgrade through the online platform or contact us at support@zeroin.me


Can I ask for a refund if not happy?

Of course. We currently have a 30-day, no-question-asked, return policy. If you are unhappy with Zeroin, all you need to do is write to our support at support@zeroin.me, send us your invoice, and your login email and that’s it.


Save thousands $$ with this LIFETIME DEAL!

Another glance at the key features you get with Zero.in

Bulk & Single email lookup

Find and verify business emails, edit extracted data, move and copy leads between campaigns in bulk or on a per lead basis.

Business email and phone number finder (almost 100% accuracy)

No wasted credits on private emails or phone numbers. Our 5-point algorithm ensures a 2% bounce rate max, according to all of our tests!

Upload & Export data

Upload, verify, and clean your existing prospect data to any campaign, move and copy data between campaigns, and easily export data for your outreach campaigns.

26 points of data

Get names, titles, job roles, business phone numbers, emails… from your ICPs, and add them to any campaign in your ZeroIn light CRM.

Join 5000 happy users today. start selling in minutes!

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