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Discover verified business emails, phone numbers and company profiles in a click!


Works with all LinkedIn accounts


Bounce rate on all of our outreach tests


Data points of your ideal prospects (business emails, phone numbers, titles...)

17 M

Data from people across 17 million different companies

Create lists of laser-targeted, verified leads and sell more in less time.

ZeroIn is a business email and direct/company phone number lookup tool that helps you create, verify, and export almost 100% accurate prospect data lists, with the best pricing model on the market.

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Sumo-ling (AppSumo plus member)

Surprisingly accurate

I was pleasantly surprised with the accuracy of ZeroIn. I have many tools, including some subscription based ones, and I have to say that ZeroIn is right up there with the best of them? In fact, the number 1 criteria for me is accuracy, so hits the mark. If you want better (email) quality results, you would want to get Zeroin.


Designed to make prospecting faster

How does it work?

Create your first campaign.

Start gathering business emails and phone numbers via LinkedIn or import leads and search their emails through the app

Install the extension

Verify or enrich your existing CRM data using ZeroIn

Simple, right?


Completely risk-free to your Linkedin account

Most of the tools scrape huge amounts of emails from Linkedin and put your account in danger of falling into the infamous Linkedin prison (a.k.a. stopping your prospecting efforts for days or even months) matches the data from our base to the Linkedin profiles, but it also uses a proprietary ten-point verification technology apart from it to validate business emails, phone numbers, and other data.


BabyWrestler (AppSumo verified user)

Easy to get started. Handy tool

I’ve not used a LI tool like this before, but this is idiot-proof. It’s a really simple product that does the job well. You can be up and running in minutes.

Boost for your outreach and sales while keeping the CRM clean

Build targeted contact lists from LinkedIn in bulk (completely safe), verify business email lists and phone numbers for outreach and keep the hygiene of your CRM data through the duplicate finder.

Get account data for ad targeting

Get account data for ad targeting

Find leads’ verified business emails

Find leads’ verified business emails

Ideal for SMBs in the growth stage, with a limited budget for tech stacks

A limited lifetime, pay-once deal, and simple & lite features make it easy for SMBs to implement a new tool without breaking the bank.

A powerhouse for your advertising

Thanks to the easy export feature, use contact lists gathered with Zeroin to create laser-precise audience - as a result increase conversion rates and reduce CTA.

Get lead data for influencer outreach

Get lead data for influencer outreach

Eye Stars

RonnieSavvyCoop (Appsumo plus memeber)

Off and running

Within 5 minutes of setting up I had new leads, verified email addresses and an organized “light” CRM. Easy to use is ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Get the deal - PAY ONCE for ZeroIn! No daily limitations!

$390 annual for 1000 credits for search and verification combined

$990 annual for 100 credits

$490 annual for 1000 emails, no verification

$590 annual for 500 credits for search and 1000 for verification


The best pricing model currently on the market

Grab it before it's gone!

30 Days money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Not fully satisfied with ZeroIn? We will refund 100% of your money within 30 days from the day of your purchase. Email us at and we will issue a refund immediately – no questions asked.

Never pay for duplicates

In case ZeroIn recognizes duplicate data, we won’t charge you for those. Instead, we’ll notify you so you can clean up your CRM!


Chanimal (AppSumo verified User)

Save hours of manually searching for great price

We are trying to form an alliance with several software vendors for a virtual roadshow. Why is it that companies hide ALL contact information – even their phone number from their website. For example to find a phone number or even an email address for anyone from MailChimp (they are $700 million company)…It used to be easy, look up the phone number, call the switchboard for the contact and done. Now it’s absolutely crazy.

Zeroin will find whatever contact information is available and save hours of manually searching. And the price is great (much cheaper than even Linkedin Sales Navigator) but also gives you the business email, not mainly the Linkedin info. Very clever.

Thank you.

Frequently asked questions

Do you extract data from Linkedin?

No, we don’t, because that would put your profile at risk. By using our 10-step verification process, we match the data from our database with the ones you find on Linkedin.

How do you know that the data is 98% accurate?

We’ve created a 10-step verification algorithm and we have a database of 17 million companies worldwide. Every piece of data we match is (almost) always correct.

Is there any support available?

Yes, both through the chat on our website and through You could also use our Help Center to try and find a solution before reaching out.

What can I use credits for?

There are 2 types of ZeroIn credits – the ones for verification and the ones for searching contact data. You can use them to verify your existing email lists, clean up your CRM, or find new prospects.

All unused credits are rolling into the next month for a maximum of 60 days.


What happens if I reach my monthly (lifetime) plan limits?

You can upgrade through the online platform or contact us at



Save thousands with this LIFETIME DEAL!

Another glance at the key features you get with

26 points of data

Get names, titles, job roles, business phone numbers, emails… from your ICPs, and add them to any campaign in your the database.

Bulk & Single email verifications

Find and verify business emails, edit extracted data, move and copy leads between campaigns in bulk or on a per lead basis.

Business email and phone number finder (almost 100% accuracy)

No wasted credits on private emails or phone numbers. Our 5-point algorithm ensures a 2% bounce rate max, according to all of our tests!

Test feature

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Upload & Export data

Upload, verify, and clean your existing prospect data to any campaign, move and copy data between campaigns, and easily export data for your outreach campaigns.

Ready to polish your outreach process and create 100% verified contact lists?

Start using ZeroIn today