Horror stops here. Email-friendly data for your personalised outreach.

Yes, we know how frustrating it can be to end up with a lot of people’s names with emojis, special characters or non-email-friendly company names. We got you!

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Why Zeroin Email Lookup?




Aligned with GDPR


98% accuracy

Accurate business emails


26 Data Points

On leads and Companies


200 Million

Contacts in our data base

Data Gathering and Email Lookup LinkedIn Extension

Use ZeroIn Chrome extensions for Linkedin or Sales Navigator to match the data from your people and lead searches and connection levels. Use it on a single LinkedIn profile or in bulk - for your people's search results.

Email-friendly company and People's Names

Stop spending hours cleaning up your list and making it email outreach ready. ZeroIn automatically recognises over 100 special characters, dots, emoticons and abbreviations you do not want to see in your email-ready contact list.

Regular LinkedIn URLs

Even when gathering data on Sales Navigator, Zeroin will automatically convert those links into public profile links for every single person. This way you get a clickable, public profile link you can immediately use for any sales or marketing campaign.

Light CMR to store and manage your data

ZeroIn light CRM is the one place to store, update, enrich and validate your contacts with no export nor import limitations. Almost every field on the lead and Account level is editable so you can update the data as you wish.

Take it for a spin. Try ZeroIn for free

Trusted by 5000+ successful salespeople

Manu Delgoffe, Owner at Atequa, Luxembourg

Within a few hours, he had launched a prospecting campaign with a few leads generated by this tool.
It wasn’t great and I was quite dubious but, in the end, he signed a new client on this campaign who will bring us 20 times the investment.
Think about it: if this tool only brings you one customer, it’s easily profitable, isn’t it?

Stewart Townsend, Consultant for – Channel Strategy, UK

Tested out the free trial…tested for one hour and then went BOOM, I have to buy this. So simple, goes to LinkedIn and it gets the users info and the business email. Yep, getting Gmail is great but it’s personal, you want to reach out to them as an employee and not necessarily trough  Linkedin. 

Love it, great, simple, works…

Bruno Persechini, Growth and Marketing Automation, SEInsights, FR

The UI is great and it’s very simple to use. You will have no problem to use it within a few minutes. I had some questions and support was very responsive which is something I value a lot. If you are interested in sales outreach, i suppose you know the hidden cost of bounced emails or inaccurate data – Zeroin is a great “little” tool avoids any fake or incorrect emails. 

Make yourself a favour and don’t miss this deal. 

Adam Ramli, Director Online Sales and Marekting, Hudson Valley Digital Marketing, UK

I got the largest deal and ZeroIn has already paid for itself. I had a client that tasked me to find contacts with specific job titles in the Healhtcare field so initially we looked at buying lists, but if you have ever bought email lists, you know it can be a crapshoot. Regardless, Zeroin works great and it will definitely make you a rock star with your clients.