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How to use ZeroIn and not get your LinkedIn account blocked by LinkedIn

ZeroIn has the Bulk data fetch function that is intensively used by many of you. But this function needs to be used with caution, as LinkedIn does not like any automation and therefore, if detected, it can delete or block your account.

Having said that, we created ZeroIn with an idea to imitate the human behaviour while giving you the automation you need to scale up your sales and marketing efforts. Here is some elementary info you need to know when using our bulk data fetch function.

If your LinkedIn account is more than a year old, you can use these limits as a guidance:

1) Invitations / connection requests —100 / day
2) Messages to 1st connections — 150 / day
3) Messages to group members — 15 / month per all LinkedIn groups
4) Endorsements — 60 /day
5) Profile Extractor — 300 / day
6) Profile Auto-Visiting —150 / day
7) Profile Auto-Follower — 150 / day

These limits have been tested on a free account which is more than a year old. It is not recommended to exceed more than 300 data extractions in total per day.

If you are using any other LinkedIn automation tool in addition to ZeroIn, please do not exceed the numbers stated above.

However, these numbers are just a recommendation and they do not mean that LinkedIn will not block your account for some other reason. These numbers are simply what we have experienced over time and deem to be safe.

Use timeouts for your bulk data gathering. Use longer periods of time for collecting and matching larger data sets. For example, if you are not gathering more than 200-300 contacts in a day, you do not have to use a greater preset timeout than 5 seconds. If you are going to gather larger datasets, use minimum 10-second timeouts.

See ZeroIn bulk data fetch function in action

In order to get started use LinkedIn Search to get the search results you would like to see, then user ZeroIn to set the starting page and the end page for the bulk data fetch.

Regulate the timeout setting for a minimum of 5 seconds after each action.

Bulk ZeroIn fetch with timeouts and no limitations

When it comes to ZeroIn functionalities, there are no limits on maximum LinkedIn pages from which you can gather data. But LinkedIn is set in a way that the maximum pages you can ever be able to see is 100.