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Why can’t I find some emails?

Here are a few reasons why you may not find some business email addresses:

1. The lead is not well connected to their company on LinkedIn.
Usually occurs with smaller companies, education organizations, healthcare institutions, etc. whereby a correlation between their name and company domain cannot be established.

2. The lead’s last name does not appear on LinkedIn.
This is part of the user’s privacy settings, which can make it impossible for us to find their business email address.

3. The lead’s LinkedIn profile is not up to date.
They may not have updated which company they work for, a name change, etc.

4. The lead’s LinkedIn name doesn’t quite match the name they use at work.

5. We have a mantra to give you only 100% verified business emails.
This means that if our verification process was unable to guarantee that the email is verified, we will not deliver this email to you.
The positive of this is we minimize the number of hard bounces you will experience.
In time the number of unverified emails will drop as more and more data is gathered.