To gauge sales productivity effectively, consider these key metrics:


1. Revenue: Indicates the total earnings from sales, showing overall success.
2. Sales Conversion Rate: Measures how effectively leads are converted into sales.
3. Average Deal Size: Shows the average revenue per deal, reflecting deal quality.
4. Selling Time: Highlights the time spent actively selling, key for efficiency.
5. Lead Response Time: Tracks how quickly leads are followed up, impacting conversion likelihood.
6. Handling Time: Assesses the duration of sales interactions, indicating process efficiency.
7. Time-to-Productivity: Measures how quickly new reps become effective, reflecting training effectiveness.
8. Opportunity Losses: Identifies missed sales opportunities, highlighting areas for improvement.
9. Quota Attainment: Shows how well sales targets are being met, indicating individual and team performance.
10. Sales Cycle Length: Reveals the time taken to close deals, impacting overall sales efficiency.


These metrics provide a comprehensive view of both the results and processes of your sales activities, helping to identify strengths and areas needing enhancement.

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