LinkedIn Sales Navigator is used for several key purposes, each contributing to its immense value for sales and marketing professionals:


Boundary-free Search: It allows users to bypass search restrictions present in the free LinkedIn version.


Broadened Horizons: It provides access to extended networks beyond just 1st-degree connections.


Timely Engagement: It offers real-time updates and alerts about prospects for timely engagement.


Efficient Prospect Management: It includes robust tools for effective organization and management of prospects.


Prospect Insight: It gives in-depth insights into prospect companies, their industry trends, and related content.


Lead-Centric Content Engagement: Users can engage with lead-centric content to foster meaningful connections.


Alerts on ‘Saved Leads’: The ‘Saved Leads’ feature notifies users about updates in their prospect’s profiles.


TeamLink Advantage: The TeamLink feature lets users leverage their team’s networks for lead generation.


Early Buyer Circle Identification: It helps identify and engage with prospective buyers early in their buying journey.


InMails Outreach: The InMail feature allows direct communication with any LinkedIn member, enhancing outreach.

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