In 2023, the average cost per appointment hovers around $50. However, like most averages, this number is just the middle ground, and actual costs can swing dramatically based on several factors:


Industry Sector: Industries with higher ticket items or services, like B2B enterprise solutions, might see costs shoot up to a few hundred dollars. In contrast, local service sectors, such as a beauty salon or tutoring service, might only spend a fraction of that.


Target Audience: Seeking appointments with C-level executives? That’s likely to carry a premium. But targeting general consumers or lower-tier professionals might be more economical.


Geographic Location: Urban areas, with dense competition and higher advertising costs, might increase your cost per appointment. In contrast, targeting a less competitive or rural region could reduce it.


Marketing Channel: Digital ads, especially in sought-after slots or platforms, can be pricey. In contrast, email campaigns or organic social media strategies might offer a better ROI.


Remember, while the average gives you a benchmark, it’s the quality and eventual conversion from the appointment that truly measures its worth. Aim for value, not just a lower cost.

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