ZeroIn can be a pivotal asset for sales teams aiming to meet and surpass their sales goals.


Here’s how it can contribute to your B2B sales success:


Precision-Driven Data Collection


ZeroIn’s advanced data collection from platforms like LinkedIn helps in gathering targeted and updated information, crucial for developing effective sales strategies.


Real-Time Email Verification


By providing business emails that are verified in real-time, ZeroIn decreases bounce rates and increases the chances that your emails actually reach your prospects, setting the stage for better engagement.


GDPR Compliance


ZeroIn adheres to strict GDPR guidelines, ensuring that you can approach prospects without compromising data privacy and integrity.


Data Accuracy


With a 98% accuracy rate, ZeroIn provides a level of reliability that allows your sales team to approach leads with confidence, backed by trustworthy data.


Detailed Lead Insights


Offering 26 different data points on leads and companies, ZeroIn enables highly personalized outreach, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of your sales efforts.


Expansive Database


Access to an extensive database of over 200 million contacts means that you have a vast pool from which to identify and connect with potential leads.


By integrating ZeroIn into your sales processes, you position your team to leverage a data-driven approach that can significantly enhance your ability to close sales and reach new heights in performance.


Whether it’s about re-engaging inactive customers or initiating contact with new B2B prospects, ZeroIn provides the necessary tools and insights to achieve your targets more effectively.

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