Privacy Policy

1. Who are we?

ZeroIn (we, us, our) is a service operating as a product of a business company MarketRepublic LLC based in Serbia, at the address Bulevar vojvode Putnika 68g, Belgrade, with registration number 21117528. Our Privacy Policy is an information about data that we collect and process when providing our services, and how we use the data. If and when we make changes to this Privacy Policy you will be notified about changes via email.

2. What service are we providing?

ZeroIn is a service for B2B prospect list building. ZeroIn helps you easily collect publicly available business information about potential clients, in order to make contact with them and establish business cooperation. To our users we provide service through our browser plugin and our app.

3. What data about our users do we collect?

When you register for our service, firstly, you agree to our Terms of Services. When you create your account, and start using our services, either browser plugin or our app we collect your name, email address, country and company name. The information we collect when creating your account is used to send you a personalized on boarding email, as well as the DPA agreement. We also use the information to send you any updates related to services we provide, or our Privacy Policy, or Terms of Service. In the future we may also use your email address to send you potential campaigns for other services we provide.To charge for our services we use third service company _____. We never collect and therefore never store your payment information in our own system, we just receive the token as an information that your payment went through. The third service payment company is GDPR compliant, from their Privacy Policy you can get more information about payment data that they collect, store and process. When you use our services we collect and process your time logs, which is an information regarding when you are signed in, and when you are signed out. We also collect and process your IP address, which is used as a protective measure for the safe use of our service. Your IP address is stored in our system until your account is active. After you delete your account both time logs and IP address data is permanently deleted within 30 days. When you use our services you may send us some files, as part of your request for a specific service. After we complete your request, we delete the file you uploaded.When you contact our customer service either via email or via chat we keep the conversations as well the data you may send u, which are stored in our system as long as you are our user. After you delete your account, all those information are also deleted within 30 days.

4. Users passwords

We do not collect or store your password, we do not have access to your passwords.

5. Why do we collect and process your data?

When creating an account, you give us consent to collect, store and process the data you provide us with, in order to use our services. We collected and process your data only to provide you our services. We do not process your data for any other reason. Our Privacy Policy is consistent to the text of our Terms of Service. Please check out both our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, before creating your account. Data that we collect and process about you won’t be used for any other purposes different from purposes stated in this Privacy Policy. In case in the future your date is used for other purposes you will be informed beforehand.

6. Information about third persons (prospects) data

When providing our services to our users either through browser plugin or our app we collect and store information about their prospects. We collect prospects’ first and last name, country, company, job position, business email address… When our users use our browser plugin you are able to collect publicly available business information about the prospects they are interested in establishing business partnership. When our users use our app, we are checking business information publicly available on the internet, at their request. We are then collecting and storing prospects’ business data, which are publicly available on the Internet. In order to provide our services we are checking the Internet and processing publicly available business information about third persons (prospects), which we collect and store in our database. We are regularly checking if the information is still relevant and available online, in order to keep our database up to date. Publicly available business information about prospects is stored in our database for as long as it is available. At the moment when data is not available we delete it from our database. It is important for us for our database to be as accurate as possible so we regularly check if the data is correct. Prospects data are not subject to automatic decision procedure.

7. For how long are we processing your data?

If you are using our services we collect and store your data for as long as your account is active. When you delete your account, all the data collected and processed are permanently deleted within 30 days from the date you deleted your account. If you are a prospect, which data are found and are publicly available online, than we process your data for as long as it is available online. If we find when checking that your data is not relevant or not available anymore, than we are permanently deleting it from our database.

8. How do we process our users and prospects data?

We process your data for as long as their account is active. Your personal data are not subject to automatic decision procedure. Your data is stored in our database and are secure in Hetzner cloud we use. We use firewalls, as well as other means in order to secure the data we are processing. We do not transfer your data to third parties. Access to your data is granted only to persons who need it in order to fulfill their duties, required when providing services to users. Prospects data are also stored in our database, secure in cloud that we use. We use firewalls, as well as other means in order to secure the data we are processing. When transferring the prospects’ data to our users we required for them to be GDPR compliant, which is achieved via DPA all our users are required to sign. When transferring the prospects’ data, we require from our users to have similar kind of measures, as well as to be GDPR compliant. This is completed via DPA all our users are required to sign.

9. Data protection

As we take the security of our users’ data very seriously, we are keeping our security methods up to date. The server we use is configured for optimum performance, in accordance with the best business practice, with regular backups and 24/7 monitoring. We use a configured and active system firewall with IDS system, as well as web application firewall detection.

10. Do we collect cookies?

We collect cookies when you are using our services only in order to identify you when you sign in to our browser plugin or app so that you don’t need to type in your credentials every time you are using our service. We are also using Google Analytics as a trusted third-party service to track information generated automatically as you use our service, on our behalf. The information collected we use to understand how you are using the service and find new ways to improve user experience. There is a possibility for you to manage our cookies, by blocking or deleting them through your browser, just keep in mind that may cause for service not to work for you fully, or at all.

11. Accessing your personal data

You have a right to access your personal data, on your request we will send you a copy of the data we are collecting and processing about you. With your request you can contact us at You also have a right to rectify your data, which can be done through our browser plugin or app. You also have a right to object and be forgotten, if you wish to be forgotten you can cancel your account and all the data we collect and process about you will be deleted within 30 days. If your prospects wish from you to change or delete their data you can do that through our app. If your prospects wish to delete them from your list you can also do that through our app. If you are a prospect and you believe that we collect and process your data, you can contact us at, and we will provide you with an answer and copy of the data if we process it. If you wish to change the data we process about you or wish to be forgotten or object, you can also contact us at

12. Children

Our Service is not intended to be used by children, but by people 18 years old and older. As far as our knowledge goes we do not provide any services to children, e.i. people younger than 18 years old. If you perhaps believe that our services are used by child, please contact us immediately at We also do not collect any information about children, i.e. persons under the age of 18.