Find the email address of someone on LinkedIn in 3 easy steps
April 2, 2020

LinkedIn is an irreplaceable source of high-quality leads no matter the industry you’re working in, and a good start in a quest to find prospects.

It enables you to filter them out based on the company and its size, job function and experience, their interests, location and so on – but reaching out to them is where things get tricky.

Waiting for them to confirm the connection request or answer the message might take too long, and the best thing is to try and send them an email they actively use.

In some cases, their emails are simply not publicly displayed anywhere you’ve looked at, no matter how long you’ve been paddling through their Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts and asking around – so today, we will show you how to fish them out easily.

Step-by-step process to finding emails on LinkedIn

You can find emails you need using a 3-step manual process that’s completely free and requires no software installations.

Although this takes way too much time when compared to simply paying for an online service, the following steps are a pretty solid way of discovering anyone’s email address on Linkedin.

QUICK NOTE: This works only if they have their full name and company name publicly displayed on their LinkedIn profiles.

Step 1: Look up the company’s email domain

The first thing to do is to open up the prospect’s LinkedIn profile.

Scroll to the experience section and look up the current employment status. Click the name of the company, and you will find their website address in the about section on the left-hand side of the company page.

This step is necessary in order to find the email domain of the said company – since most companies have the same website and email domain, and all the companies employees’ emails have that part of email address in common.

QUICK NOTE: If you have an email address of the prospect’s coworker, you can skip steps 1 and 2 and go straight to step 3!

In case of the prospect working in multiple companies, pick the company where they hold the position relevant to the reason you’re contacting them, or at least the one they seem the most active at.

Step 2: Discover the company’s email pattern

Every company assigns business emails using the same pattern. If it is a big company or corporation, it may use several similar, but different patterns – so make sure to note if you run into such situations.

Most common email address patterns

Luckily, these don’t get particularly creative; here we listed the most common email address patterns popular all over the world:


In case you’d like to get more of these, you can use this tool to automate the process and generate more email address pattern ideas.

When you’ve come up with plenty of alternatives, it is time to use a search engine of your choice and see if you got some of them right.

Type the website address in the browser search bar, place @ sign instead of https:// and the www. and put it in the quotes. For example, to find an email for our website, you will only type: “”.

Once you search using this query, you will notice the patterns in the lines of the results.

QUICK NOTE: Using the Ctrl+F will instantly highlight the domain parts you are looking for on the search results page!

Go through the first few pages and try to find some more patterns they could possibly use. With some luck, the address of the person you want to contact might show up!

Step 3: Verify the chosen email addresses

With a couple of email address patterns at hand, you may proceed to test them out to get the right one and contact your prospect. Email address verification without specialized tools and services leaves you with few ways to check whether you got the right ones.

This free online email tester might help but remember – the saying that “the best things in life are free” doesn’t apply here, so take the results you get with a grain of salt.

What if you didn’t find the right email address?

Sometimes, finding active email addresses of your prospects gets a bit more complicated, and proposed methods may not work. In other words – “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.

The reasons you might have failed finding the right email address include:

  • The prospect is using a lesser-known, obscure nickname you have never heard of as a part of the email address – not quite simple like Alex derived from Alexander;
  • A part of the prospect’s email address contains numbers, middle name, or some other random characters;
  • The prospect is using a country-specific domain – .at for Austria, for example;
  • The prospect is using uses another domain you didn’t think of (company’s subdomain, and similar);
  • The prospect has left the company in question and didn’t bother to update their LinkedIn profile;
  • The prospect simply doesn’t use their business/professional email addresses that often;
  • Free email verifiers show “false negatives” – Unknown, Error, Server does not respond.

Unfortunately, the process means that this guessing game has to be done by hand, one by one.

If you discover you’ve made some of these lapses, you will need to head back to steps 1 and 2 and try again, until you find the email you wanted. This process is too slow for daily use and doesn’t guarantee the correct end results.

This is why we suggest you try the real thing and receive the verified email address without guessing.

Skip the hassle – apply for the ZeroIn beta!

This method will give you a fish for the day – but you need to eat tomorrow as well.

Knowing this all too well, we have built a tool that will bring you from a pond to the ocean!

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