ZeroIn MVP is ready for beta testing
March 25, 2020

Ahoy! We are finally ready to let beta testers aboard ZeroIn Email Checker!

After, what feels like months of trials and tribulations, ZeroIn Email Checker is finally ready to see the light of day. Yes, this means we are launching our beta test!

All who join us for beta, will be able to try all current features for free and help us make sure ZeroIn fits their needs and will continue to develop in the right direction.

All beta testers get 200 credits to find or verify leads’ email addresses

How we sailed to where we’re now

When we started re-building tools our team is using to make sure our services are top-notch, we didn’t think it will take us this long to launch an MVP – but here we are…

From January, when we first started mentioning beta testing, until now we were working hard to eliminate as many bugs as possible, so the user portal and Chrome extension (which, by the way, works in other browsers too) operate without issues.

We also created an interactive guide that will greet you when you register and lead you through your first steps with the ZeroIn user portal and browser extension.

Finally, we published the extension in the Chrome Web Store, which marked the final step on our way towards accepting beta testers.

Although we are currently self-isolating due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are ready to engage with sales reps, marketers, recruiters and anybody else who need to collect leads from LinkedIn and find their verified business email addresses.

What can beta testers do with ZeroIn

First and foremost, you can extract as many leads from LinkedIn. This includes their personal information as well as company information, that is publicly available. And you can do this on the lead per lead basis, or you can automatically gett up to 10 pages of LinkedIn search results into a ZeroIn campaign.

You can manage leads in your campaigns by editing their details, copying or moving them to other campaigns, and delete those don’t need.

And you get 200 credits to find your leads’ emails, where 1 credit equals 1 email.

Our biggest strength is a 3-step process that makes sure you will get a lead’s verified email or no email at all. We want to keep your bounce rates low!

You can also upload an existing list to verify if those emails are still valid before you start sending emails.

Finally, you can export all the campaign information to use in other sales and marketing tools!

Don’t wait, use ZeroIn to catch your leads now – sign up for beta testing!

Marko Herman

Head of Marketing

Digital marketer who loves copywriting and working on diverse projects. When I'm not in front of a computer, try to find me in a forest, on my bicycle...